Monday, March 29, 2010

What the freak happened to those piggy tails???

There she is....your sweet little princess...playing with her barbies...Looking up at you with her magical little two front teeth gone grin.Begging for you to tickle her.My girl had a passion for being an actress and would put on shows for me..her own little one girl production..then she comes up to you with those precious piggy tails to give you a hug..and she whispers in you ear"mom..I might know...ummmm..I might be prego"..(record scratch)..I come out of my daze."WHAT"??Panic...terror..My body went numb.I thought about a million things at the same time.I was sooo careful.I asked her about her day everyday..I knew her friends..where she was...Was I a bad mom??In this split may feel that everything is falling down on you.But is NOT the end of the world.You are still a super mom..your little piggy tailed still amazing.This is life.This is the path that her life is supposed to take.I remember seeing a show where the teen got pregnant..was too terrified to say she ran away.Had the baby on her own..and almost killed her and the baby.All I could think was "sad" and right then and there vowed that I would grind in my kids head that NOTHING could be so terrible that the had to be afraid of me.That in the moment they needed me most...I would not leave them.Just remember..if you are a mom going though this...this is YOUR baby in brought her in this kept her adored every precious moment of her growing up.This is the keeper of that smile that used to make you melt and gush.So..why turn your back??Can't you remember how you tucked her into bed and promised to always be the best mom you could??Could this one thing really erase all that??NEVER!!!Embrace that girl..and let her know you are there..that you are a team.Now yes..still be a mom..still teach..voice that there are consequences..and a lesson to be learned.But in a loving way.Yes..overnight she lost those piggy tails..and now is handing them to one that is a part of her.And to the one who gets the honor of taking care of those them while they are still there,be grateful every minute.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Admiring The Beauty Before Me

The day she came in my life was one of my best.I was getting in my bed at the hospital..when I looked up and ther was a poster hanging that said "Molly...delivered a baby girl- 8:54 p.m. 6 lbs 13 oz" I felt it through my whole soul.Me?? A mommy?She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.The wonderful thing is...she still is.Things may not have gone excatly the way I wished for them to go that day...but the love I feel for her still involves my whole soul.My beautiful precious you are.You are in the handiwork of the Lord at this time.I admire your choice to do what will bring the best to your own baby girl.I myself am in love with the angel that you carry.You are beautiful..and I love you.

Songs that remind me of my girl

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