Friday, July 9, 2010

The tale of Aviendha Moraine part 1

Could it be that around this time a month ago so many lives were about to blessed by something so very special? We were about to meet such a precious little person? little the story of your very first birthday!!!Celeste likes to walk...I do not know what it is really...I guess with legs that long they just have to move sometimes. This need to walk happens sometimes when it really is not an ideal time to go walking when Celeste started walking all over the house at 2am...I really did not find it all that unusual. She kept telling my that she was having some pains...well...that pretty much what pregnancy did not phase me either. When she told me that there were some pains that were coming every 5 min.. well..that made me wonder. I made her sit next to me on the loveseat and put my hand on her tummy and just let it sit there. I tried to be sneaky and ever so sly looked at the clock in the kitchen. Sure enough..every 5 min she was telling me that she was having contractions. Having so many babies myself..I know that timing is I did not want to get her there too early. But after 2 hours of steady pains...we got everything ready and headed off. After being there so many times and being sent home..I kinda half expected that we would not be there long. However..after the nurse saw her I asked if they were keeping her..she replied with a very firm "absolutely". Celeste and I stared at each other in disbelief..THIS WAS IT!!! As I turned my head from my beautiful daughter to look out the big window at the sunrise..and then down at all the traffic going by..I found it interesting that everyone was hurrying around with their busy life...when right under their noses an amazing miracle was about to happen.As the nurses and doctors came in and out working on my girl... I felt such an intense love for her...I will never be able to describe it. I am and always will be sooo proud to be her mom. Ironically....she was thinking the same thing about the beautiful baby she was about to bring into the world. I was thinking we had some time and I had been awake all night so I thought I could catch some zzzzzzs, Well...that was not gonna work cause soon she was feeling the pressure of the urge to push. So they checked her and sure enough..she was ready. The nurse was telling her that with the first baby the pushing part could last 2-3 hours...they had her start pushing with the contractions with just the nurse there, and well within 30 min. of my highly determined Celeste pushing...the nurse started looking nervous and said that we would start skipping contractions until the Doctor came in. They turned on the big light..started the baby warmer, and got out the surgical tray. I looked at the baby warmer through the tears in my eyes..soon there was going to be a baby there!!!!The doctor made it and not to long after I heard one of the most precious thing ever...a baby cry. They laid baby on a blanket on my daughters tummy...and I saw her beautiful little face..Yep...I totally fell in love with my grand baby. Being there when a whole other person begins their life is the most spiritual experiences you can imagine. It was AMAZING!!! After I cut her cord they took her over to be weighed and given her very first vital signs. I hurried over to get some pictures so I could get them to the wonderful people Avery would call mom and dad (as they were frantically driving through Wyoming to get there) After all the poking and freezing...they wrapped her up and handed that precious little bundle to Celeste. All warm...all safe...the love in Celeste's eyes as she held that little angel was immense. This was
one of the best days of my life...and I know it was the same for my daughter.

Songs that remind me of my girl

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