Monday, May 24, 2010


Sooooo...had some close calls with this little lady. She is getting ready to make her debut and wants to make she she has everyones undivided attention....and she certainly has it!!!!!I was sitting next to my girl in the hospital and was picturing how all this is gonna pan out, and came to the realization that this one tiny girl must be so special that heavenly father has compiled us all up like a team!!! And not just how it will be getting her here..but her whole entire life. So many people...loving her...supporting her. Geez what a lucky lady!!! I am so pumped now..and so ready to welcome her!!!Ready to take my daughter by the hand and help her bring baby Avery into this world. I am really hoping the adoptos can get here in time...just would not be the same without them.Here we are precious little angel girl...all of us ready to play our part in your life with outstretched open loving arms.....come to us soon!!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coming put of the pregnant teen closet

Have to say....this has been one of the hardest things I have ever gone through.And honestly at first I wanted to hide it because I felt like I was a bad mom...and what would every think of me and my girl.But as the big event comes closer...I am getting so overjoyed and excited...I cannot hold it in.I also think that my daughter is amazing..and this whole expirience had made us grow..and it is serouisly is very beautiful and spiriual.We each have a certain path to go down in life...and sometimes that path is not what other people find as normal, or what is expected.I am a person who does not judge other people, what they do or how they I guess if someone is really my friend and really loves us there will be no judgements back.So here is the run down....Celeste is gonna have a baby in June. It is a baby girl and her name is Avery.We know some of the most amazing people that we are going to share baby with.And that is excatly how it is gonna be.We are not "giving away" Avery...we are gainig a whole new family..and vice versa.I will let them reveal themselves when they feel comfortable since some of you are family or like family and will want to know.We have been through if someone has something negative to say....please keep it to yourself, if you love someone you are suppotive even if it may be something you do not believe in. Just love us.This is me shouting to the world that my beautiful daughter is far more precious to me than my pride.Please...rejoice with us the begginig of a whole new life!!!!

Songs that remind me of my girl

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