Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's time!!!!

I think one of the most important things that helped us through this whole process was the great communication between both Adopt mom and birth mom. One of the most crucial parts was the texting by the cell phone.I loved that adopto mom would out of the blue just send my girl some random message.It would just make us laugh and just love her that much more.And then when my girl needed some serious talking..she was right there.In the beginning when she was just getting to know her..first of all this is how girls her age mostly communicate these this little device really put her at ease because it was familiar. It also takes some of the "just met" awkwardness away because your not face to face or voice to voice.Since most of the time she would get a response in good also reassured her that the baby, and information about her would be that close..and she would be answered.And in those very fragile first weeks after the baby went home..I wonder how my girl would have made it without that power. Adopto mom would send her a daily picture..and this was the highlight of our days right after.I have recently become a single mom and keeping up the phone service for my girl got kinda she has not had one in awhile.Adoptomom many times has stated how she missed them being able to talk to each other...and in a way...I am so glad that she likes my girl to have that I am getting in a better position and settling down...within the next few weeks I am getting my girl a new phone. I already picked it out...I am so happy that adopto mom considers my girl her friend. and I am grateful that I can open up that line of communication again for them both!!!!

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  1. OH OH get ATT and then we can talk for FREE thats what we have!!!! YAY cell phones


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