Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cause I'm a mom

My Celeste
Lil miss Avery
YEP!!!! I am bias...and that is a-ok cause this is MY Even if little baby girl had a whole head full of curly hair and brown eyes I would still see my daughter in her... Oh well... I am allowed some self indulgence once in a while :)


  1. She looks exactly like Celeste!! Very sweet and you are definitely allowed she's your grand baby!
    My son is 3 and he just looked at a pic of his birth mom at the same age and said that's me! I said no that's B and he said NO me! How cute is that, that he recognized himself in her? I love it.

  2. she looks spot on! Both Celeste and Avery are gorgeous!!!! I love catching up on your blog when i can! And i love seeing Avery at FSA Meetings here- she is a joy and growing so fast!


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