Saturday, January 22, 2011

Straight from the Heart....

As some of you may have read...the path to where we are was very scary for me and my daughter.
We knew it was the right thing...the "how" was the part that kept us up at night.
And the "who" was agonizing.
I wanted someone like who I am sit down and say " can do this...see us? We were unsure. We took a leap...we trusted...and now...we would not have it any other way....the people that we have chosen have proven themselves in every way." still would have been hard...but it soooo would have been much better. I the position that I am...wanting to help someone like me through this.
And the love that has grown for these people of course just wants their happiness to grow and grow.
Sooooo....... without further delay...let me introduce you to some very special people.
This is Ken and Kelly.
They are some of the most amazing people I have had the privilege to know.
I am so very blessed to have them in the my daughters life...and my little grandbaby's.
Little Avery will be 1 soon...and these wonderful people will be looking to make their beautiful family grow.
I could never express really just what they have done for my is endless.They were always there for us.
Soo patient through all the emotions.Sooo understanding.
They are real..never pretend or falsify who they are. They are just themselves...they add laughter to my life...and I am so grateful my grandbaby will know laughter.
They have the greatest immediate grandbaby has soooo many people who love her.
And let us not forget the best part another baby can enjoy...the most AWESOME big sister
They did not ask me to do this..they do not even know.
It comes straight from my heart.
I just wanted to tell others making a hard choice...these people have stood true.
Truth be known..they are so great I kinda do not want to :).
If anyone needs to can talk to me and my girl. We can be here for you.
I have also grown to know and trust some other great people looking to be blessed with a gift.
I will be happy watching this miracle happen for the ones I love....

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