Wednesday, January 12, 2011

You never know....

Something that I always have said and firmly believe is that "Guardian Angels are not always unseen" In my lifetime there have been many. Of course it is known that one of them is the Adoptive mom to my daughter...amazing beautiful lady that has and I know will always walk to the ends of the earth for my daughter...but this weekend...I met another.We went out of state to be there for my grandbaby's blessing and sealing in our church. On the last day..we were at the church. The blessing was given by the adoptive brought tears to my eyes it was so beautiful. I really appreiciated that he referred to my daughter in the blessing and used the words "the woman who gave you life"...what a great spiritual man. Well...this blessing got both me and my daughter going...tears just flowing down our faces...but also the fact that it was almost time for my daughter to go back home...and leave the baby again. She excused herself from the chapel..and went to pull herself together. This happened 2 times. The second time we were standing out in the hall and I told her that she should just hang there for a bit..just to make sure that she was ok. I was embracing my girl..when this ray of sunshine walked up to us. I do not know her name..or anything about her..Just that she was what we needed right when we needed it. She looked at my girl and asked her if she was the birthmom to the baby that had just been blessed.How she knew...I do not know. Her eyes filled with tears as she explained that she adopted a little boy...thanked my daughter for what she had done...and said how grateful she was for birthmoms. I really do not know why these simple heartfelt words had such an effect on me...but I can say without a doubt that that moment will never be forgotten. How wonderful that a life can be changed just by being yourself!!She had no idea that when she woke up that morning...that she could make someones day easier.That she could have such an impact on someone. How amazing is it when someone can act on the spirit of she was led to a person that really needed what was in her heart.To walk right up to someone you do not even know and just pour out your soul. What a grand world this would be if everyone could follow like that. This is the kind of person I want to be. To talk to a person and have them turn back and think.."what an amazing person" To lighten someone's soul just by being around.To really be "an instrument in the hands of God". You never may be the day you can change a life forever...will you be ready and listening when it is time?? I am sure glad our "angel" was. In the words of one of my favorite songs... "there's no telling how much the sunrise the one who had a terrible night.....and no one can tell, though at times they might try what it means to have been touched by there's no way of telling you just how much a heart in the right place has done, I wish I could tell you now just how much...your heart in the right place has done" Thank you....I will never forget....

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